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Q: If I apply now for US Citizenship will I be able to vote in the November 2016 election?


Seattle, WA

If you live in Seattle, the answer is most likely yes! Most recently, applications for naturalization (N-400) has been taking about 5 months to process. There is probably time to apply, have the naturalization interview and ceremony in time to register for November 2016 elections.


Other cities

To get a general idea on the processing time for your area, check buy amoxicillin 500mg online, select your city’s field office, and check the date listed by N-400. Using Seattle, WA as an example, the chart shows that May 2015 applications were being processed in December 2015. The wait in December was about 7 months, but this wait has shortened recently to closer to 5 months as Seattle has recently added new Officers. Check with a local immigration attorney to get a more specific idea of processing times.


Apply right away

It is best to apply as soon as possible. Processing times are subject to change over time. Also, you may need to respond to a request for evidence from USCIS, which increases processing time.

This may be a popular time to apply for citizenship, with the contentious upcoming election. The New York Times reported today that buy amoxicillin 500mg usa. Further, as the buy amoxicillin 500mg online uk points out, 8.8 million legal residents are eligible to naturalize right now.