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Travel while N-400 naturalization application is pending

Can I travel abroad while my N-400 naturalization application is pending?

Travel outside of the U.S. is generally acceptable while a naturalization application is pending. Leaving the U.S. does not trigger abandonment of the N-400 and your application will continue processing during your travels. However, there are a few implications to consider before you book your trip:

1) Review the trips you’ve already taken over the last five years (three years if applying for citizenship based on marriage to a U.S. Citizen). Make sure that your new trip does not interfere with physical presence and continuous residence requirements.

2) Make sure that you have proper documentation to travel as a permanent resident. Check that you have an unexpired passport and U.S. green card. Check travel warnings and speak with an immigration attorney if you are a citizen of one of the countries under President Trump’s executive order travel ban.

3) Check that you will not miss your biometrics appointment or your interview. Biometrics appointments are scheduled at our Seattle office about a month after the application is submitted. Interviews are generally scheduled between 4-6 months. You can get an idea of the processing times by checking the USCIS website or talking with your attorney. USCIS provides about 2 weeks notice by mail of the biometrics appointment and about 1 month’s notice of the interview date. If you have a long trip scheduled your attorney will also receive mailed notices of these dates and can help you monitor your case.

Have a safe trip!


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